In compliance with the state laws of California, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, US Business Furniture is required to collect a recycling fee on each mattress and foundation sold. This fee supports the states' recycling programs designed to lessen the environmental impact of disposed mattresses and foundations.

Fee Amount: Each state mandates a fixed recycling fee of $10.50 per mattress and per foundation. This fee is statutory and non-negotiable.

Fee Application: The recycling fee is applied per item. For instance, purchasing a mattress set (one mattress and one foundation) incurs a recycling fee of $21.00 ($10.50 for the mattress and $10.50 for the foundation). Similarly, buying two foundations results in a total recycling fee of $21.00 ($10.50 for each foundation).

Visibility of Fee: For complete transparency, the recycling fee will be distinctly itemized in your shopping cart and on your final invoice. It is added to the total purchase price before sales tax is calculated.

Fee Purpose: All collected recycling fees are forwarded to the Mattress Recycling Council, a non-profit organization tasked with mattress and foundation recycling initiatives in these states. For more details on their activities or to learn more about recycling your mattress or foundation, please visit Mattress Recycling Council and Bye Bye Mattress.

Please note, the recycling fee is not a deposit and is not refundable when you dispose of your mattress or foundation.

We appreciate your support and understanding as we strive together towards a more sustainable future.